Walking to the end of the long pier

Gun Roswell
2 min readJun 5, 2023

“Walking to the very end of the pier, well, look around, you don’t have to be a seer, to predict this outcome!” Gun Roswell

Walking to the end of the long pier

Predictions of a good view? Reserved, for the chosen few?

Hardly those as at all, as anyone could walk down the long way, finding the same display, as the rest of us could see gleaming from the seashore, never a bore, is the greeting for us in store.

The blues across the horizon, whether the sun or moon is on the rising.

Whatever the time of the day, it does not matter as this, this is the best place.

The end of the pier, is where the sights so dear are seen.

So, why would anyone want to go anywhere else at all?

Well, simply because, this place is not reachable by most.

And maybe the seaside is not even your very special thing.

But whatever the case is, whether you love or maybe even hate it.

Just try it once, take that walk down the long pier and who knows.

Maybe you too, will become a believer of the moon, the sun and even

The view at the end of the pier.



Gun Roswell

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