Up the stony hill we go

Gun Roswell
2 min readJun 1


“The stones might be many and quite slippery, but we’ll make it as long as we keep on moving, up the damned hill“ Gun Roswell

Up the stony hill we go

Step by step, breath by breath, moving along

Ever upwards the slippery hill, against the chill, moving along

The prospect of injury, in the air heavily lingering, still, moving along

The need to get to the very end, never mind the time spend, just moving along

The question lingering in the air for a moment: why all this torment?

The answer not so simple, perhaps too complicated to unravel, so, moving along

The many thoughts of giving up growing ever so stronger, as the longer, moving along

But then reminded of the reward, finally getting the big score, continuing moving along

And so, pushing aside all them troubling thoughts, even if against fought, and keeping on moving along

Then, something strikes across the open air, the foul stench of utter despair?

Halting, reconsidering, fighting back perhaps, eyes searching for something, a reason perhaps, for moving along

A moment passes, then another, and a third, internal struggle, pushing back and moving along

There is always something, an excuse or other, but, winning the internal struggle and moving along

A few pebbles more and the top shining, ever so brightly, the last steps lightly, moving along

Reaching the spot, right there on the top, at the end of the slippery slope, but finally able to breathe, as this was where the designed path wanted to lead



Gun Roswell

Located in Espoo, Finland. I am getting my daily bread from IT, but in my heart, I am a storyteller and a pix-snapper. My other blog: gunroswell.wordpress.com.