Run away on the runway

“Sometimes you just gotta run away and hide” Gun Roswell

Run away on the runway

Some of the days are just so much more, full of those totally fucked up chores, more so, than during those other days, when lazily all day long in the bed you laid, without a worry in the world, as only just then to the moment you were hurled, and that was all the words you needed.

But today is that day, landing on those specific ones, you just really want to pack up and run, as the total sum of fun, lands on the negative, which of course is all subjective, but still, this is my tale of sad, at least a tad, so let me have my sour way, at least, today.

So, with my small bag packed, I left the disarranged shack, leaving it all behind, but I knew if I needed to, where it to find again, but today, was no that day, as today, I was on the run, running away, far far away, or at least as far, as the nearest runway, could take me, because on this day, I need to flee and some other places to see.

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