Down, down, all the way I float

Gun Roswell
2 min readMar 18


“Down the watery drain? Or at least down a very slippery and deep slope? That’s life, am I right“ Gun Roswell

Down, down, all the way I float

The slippery slope ahead, something for a while having feared

But taking control of that beast, the one whom keeps me telling there is not sleep

Not until one of the greatest of them all has finally been conquered

The one of looking down, with falling into the deep, deep under ground

Still, the fear holds its tight grip across the beating chest

And with the pounding of the muscular thingy keeping myself still alive and singing?

Well, what do I do, what else can I do?

Jump! Like a kangaroo or some other kind of loon

Diving right into the blue hues, for this eternal fear to lose

And soon too?

Alas, the feet needed for the venture won’t respond

As here on the ledge I still stand not known right from wrong

Someone please, help me to release this feeling

Of sinking if I go all the way in

Eyes closing, breathing slowing and without warning

I take flight and into the waters waiting dive

The long but short way down fearful of only to drown

One splash two splash three splash!

Onto the calming cool surface

Under water remembering to keep by breath like an otter

Diving, smiling, diving further, then up up all the way up

With a huff and a puff head, body still in tact

Gone, all but gone is that damned fear

Conquered by shedding just a few more tears



Gun Roswell

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