Dead end

Gun Roswell
2 min readNov 22, 2023

“Arriving at the dead end” Gun Roswell

Dead end

Finally reaching the dreaded end
This will be the place I take my stand
Or then, it will be my own dead, at the end

Making my stance
My weapons drawn
No time to think or talk

The enemy’s approaching
The was no time for backing
Down, I had reached the impasse

Guns a blazing, I am moving in
Firing as fast as I can, no matter if the bullets land
I am in for the win, maybe this is a sin

Smoke and fire, how did I get into this dire
The only thing that matters now, is win or loose, and how
My weapon jams, my bullets are spent

All I see is smoke, but I am hell bent
Charging the opponent, I will not let
Anything rule my life, gotta get out of this strife

Fists punching, mouth biting
I am finally, doing all the fighting
When the smoke clears, I can see it very clear

A mirror in front of me
Staring, an image so familiar to me
My own face, busted

Staring back at me from the mirror rusted
A battle has been done, and it was certainly no fun
The only winner and looser

Am I



Gun Roswell

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