“Ain’t nothing like hanging by the poolside on a most sunny Sunday, having a smile and taking some off time” Gun Roswell

Sundays, hanging by the poolside

The Sunday started as pretty as ever, with the shining sun glimmering of the top of the blue waters, what a perfect way to wake up and start a perfect day!

Only working was required and so becoming totally inspired, dragging the chairs and tables outside, close to the open wide nature, at least the pool, because only a fool, would deny oneself a dip in the calming liquid, on such a hot day like this one is.



“The sun might be shining, but there is always a crowd under the covers” Gun Roswell

Sun cover protecting one and all

The sunshine quite strong, and there is nothing really wrong

But perhaps best bet still is, to not to stay under the scorch for too long

And so, finding the perfect spot, to have a respite before a heat attack

But finding one could take a while as everyone wants to hide

Under the parasol, in the very kind of shade, man made

As direct sun might seem like a lot of fun

But then taking care of oneself, better consist moderation

And stay under the protective shade



Helsinki, Finland

“There are always people around everywhere, some call them tourists” Gun Roswell

Some kind of touristy stuff going on in here

The attractions of the small size city might not be many, but nevertheless they are splendid

But the shining white historic building sure is the one which draws attention to it so it must be a hit

As all them tourists are flocking the square, where upon the cathedral is built so time in the ancient past, and they all think it’s a blast

To have a look-see, just because you see, someone else recommended it when visiting this same old remote place

Thanks to the visitors, the dwellers of the city feel mighty happy having become part of the world with a spot on the map permanently



Gun Roswell

Gun Roswell


Located in Espoo, Finland. I am getting my daily bread from IT, but in my heart, I am a storyteller and a pix-snapper. My other blog: gunroswell.wordpress.com.